Eligibility Criteria for the LGS Exam: Everything You Need to Know

In the public sector, the post of Last Grade Servant (LGS) is frequently regarded as entry-level. These jobs are in charge of general services, maintenance, and cleaning at government buildings, educational institutions, and other establishments. Despite the simplicity of their title, LGS jobs serve as a starting point for people looking for government work.

Here are the PSC LGS Eligibility Criteria:

Age Limit

The Kerala Public Service Commission's Eligibility Criteria stipulate that applicants for the Last Grade Servants 2022 position must be between the ages of 18 and 36. It is anticipated that the age requirements for qualifying in the next recruitment cycle will be comparable to those in the previous cycle. On the other hand, certain reserved categories were granted some relaxations.

SC/ST - 5 Years

OBC - 3 Years

Educational Qualification

Candidates had to meet the minimum educational requirements up to the seventh standard or pass the seventh standard examination, in accordance with the Kerala PSC LGS Eligibility Criteria 2022. Those who failed to meet this requirement were not considered qualified to move on to the next round of selection. The eligibility requirements for educational qualifications for the 2023 cycle are anticipated to be comparable to those of the previous cycle.


Since it's a government position, candidates must meet the criteria in order to apply for the examination, which only allows candidates of Indian nationality. As long as they pass the exam and meet the other criteria, candidates from any other state in India are eligible to apply.


Candidates do not need to have any prior experience in order to be considered for the position of LSG. The applicant still needs to meet the other criteria for admission, though. The Kerala Public Service Commission would reject an applicant if they fail to meet even one of the requirements.

Number Of Attempts

Candidates may retake the exam as many times as necessary until they are 36 years old. People who meet the age requirement can retake the exam as long as they stay in the approved age range. It is evidence of the exam's inclusive method, which provides candidates with several opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and potential and guarantees that worthy applicants can pursue careers in public services and improve society and their own communities.